Early-stage entrepreneurs are filled with ideas and zest for life, but they lack experience and practical cognizance.
Often, they tend to spend significant amounts of time in trials and errors even to learn the basic stuff. Formal training can help them learn from the mistakes of others and avoid iterations. This is exactly what we aim to provide. We sense the risk-taking appetite and help them take the entrepreneurial plunge. With world-class mentors and global industry leaders, we enable potential entrepreneurs to remove traditional barriers and kick off their dream careers. We connect human and financial capital, thus empowering startups to execute their plans with full force. We have successfully mentored over 55 startups and 90 entrepreneurs, ten of them have become Millionaires.
Infinity Loop
Why Us?
Our team’s experiences, insights, and knowledge can be accessed by upcoming entrepreneurs. We believe this will help transform young entrepreneurs into successful ones.
No Broken Models
No Broken Models
We focus on real-world gains and not just theoretical execution.
Building Financial Connections
Building Financial Connections
Connecting people with the right capital to enhance growth and performance.
Hands-on Training
Hands-on Training
Nurture and inspire entrepreneurs to achieve success through practical training.
  • Core Strength Analysis (CSA)
  • Products, Markets & Platforms (PMP)
  • Business Building Blocks (3Bs)
  • Practice, Patience & Perseverance (3Ps)
  • Reach, Revenue & Return on Investment (3Rs)
  • Art of Reduction (AOR)
  • Customers, Employees & Shareholders (CuES)
  • Time, Sequencing & Combination (TSC)
  • 10+ millionaire entrepreneurs created
  • 87+ Mentorships
  • 55+ Startups have benefited